What are the hours?
The hours are 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Is there a group discount for the admission fee?
There is no group discount.
Can I apply to be exempted from paying the admission fee?
The disabled and medically disabled with certification can be exempted from paying the admission fee. Either show the certification on the day you arrive or send in a self-address/stamped postcard in advance to apply for the exemption. For details, call us.
Are pets allowed?
Service dogs are permitted.
Any other pets must be caged or kept in a bag. Contact us for details.
Are wheelchairs and strollers allowed?
The path is wheelchair-accessible up to the Kinkakuji Gold Pavilion.
However, the adjacent garden is not barrier-free. It is to preserve the garden’s condition since about 600 years ago. Very sorry for the inconvenience. As shown by the map, after you pass the Kinkakuji Gold Pavilion, there are steps. People in wheelchairs, strollers, or having weak legs must turn around and go back to the entrance to exit the grounds. We have wheelchairs for rent and accessible toilets.
Reservations are not needed to rent a wheelchair. Just ask for one when you arrive. If one is available, you can use it. Contact us for any questions.
Can I store my luggage?
We have no luggage storage.
Since there are no lockers, either carry your belongings or store them at a locker somewhere else like at the train station.
Is there anyplace where I can eat a box lunch?
The garden area has no place for eating a meal.
Is there a parking lot?
There are a few parking lots.
Ask the road attendant near the entrance for guidance.
When does it snow?
Regarding the weather, please check the weather forecast.
To see if we have snow, check the online live image feed of the temple.