Jotenkaku Museum


What are your opening hours? And on what days are the museum closed?
We are opened from 10am to 5pm. Please be aware that final entrance is 30 minutes prior to the closing time (4:30pm).
Furthermore, the museum is closed during the New Year holiday and when work is being undertaken to change the exhibits. (Otherwise there are no holidays during the exhibition period.)
However, please be aware that the museum may be temporarily closed without prior notice under special circumstances.
Does your museum offer any group discounts?
For members of the general public only, there is a 100 yen discount for groups comprised of over 20 persons (the entrance fee for each person will be 700 yen).
Is it necessary to make a reservation when arriving as a large group?
If possible, please do make a reservation so that the entrance process, including the handing over of tickets, would be a smooth experience.
Will we be able to see the works of Itō Jakuchū?
2 sliding door paintings from Rokuon Temple that are designated as important cultural properties, the “Budō-shōkinzu” and “Tsukiyo bashōzu”, are on permanent display. The display of other works by Itō Jakuchū will vary according to the exhibition plan.
Would I be able to store my luggage at the museum?
There are 18 lockers available for use free of charge (a 100 yen coin deposit must be inserted, which will be returned after use).
Luggage that cannot fit into the lockers will be accepted by the receptionist.
May I enter the museum in slippers?
At our museum we ask our patrons to remove their footwear before entering. As such, we do not allow for slippers to be worn in the exhibition rooms.
Would it be possible to enter your museum on a wheelchair?
Yes, patrons are permitted to enter and view the exhibits on a wheelchair.
We ask those who require the use of a wheelchair to either use one provided by the museum or to allow members of staff to fix covers onto the wheels of their personal wheelchairs.
May I take photographs of the works on display?
The taking of photographs in the exhibit rooms (including the art works on display) is forbidden.
Do you offer a dual ticket that would allow entrance into Shokoku-ji Temple and the art museum?
Currently, we do not offer a dual ticket that would allow entrance into both Shokoku-ji Temple and the art museum.
Please purchase your tickets individually on site.
Would it be possible to request for a group tour?
We offer tours for groups comprised of over 20 persons.
A prior reservation is necessary. Please be aware that depending on the schedule we may not be able to offer a tour. For further information please refer to the following link.
May I take notes in the exhibition rooms?
We ask that you only use pencils.
Please refrain from using mechanical pencils, ballpoint pens, fountain pens, brushes… etc. Furthermore, when taking notes, please ensure that you do not inconvenience other patrons.
Do you accept credit card payment?
We do not accept credit card payments at reception and the gift shop.
Is there a place where I may eat and drink?
Drinking and eating (including gums and candies) in the museum is strictly forbidden. In the reception area there is a water fountain available for use. However, please be aware that we do not allow patrons to view the exhibits while holding onto their water cups. (There are no cafes or vending machines in the museum building or on the grounds of Shokoku-ji Temple.)