What are the visiting hours?
Summer Hours (March-November): 8:30AM-5:00PM (Departure: 5:20PM)
Winter Hours (December-February): 9:00AM-4:30PM (Departure: 4:50PM)
Last admission is at 5:00PM (summer hours). (Visitors may enter until 4:30PM during winter hours) Please observe the departure time in a punctual manner.
How long does a visit usually take?
About 30 minutes.
Can I view the inside of the buildings?
Normally, you can only visit the gardens.
The Togudo, Hojo (Abbot’s Quarters), and Roseitei are accessible by the general public during special openings in spring and autumn only.
Additionally, the Kannonden (pavilion) is not open to the public.
Is it possible to visit in a wheelchair?
It is possible to visit in a wheelchair, with the exception of some scenic viewing spots. Please consult the map of the temple grounds.
  • An accessible toilet is located next to the gift shop.
Is there a parking lot?
The temple does not have a parking lot accessible to the public, so please use a municipal or coin-operated parking lot.
Kyoto Ginkaku-ji Kanko Parking Lot TEL: 075-771-0783
Can I bring a pet along on the visit?
You can bring pets, but please place your pet in a carrier or carry it by hand instead of allowing it to walk directly on the temple path.
Are there guides that give commentary on the temple grounds?
There are no guides.
Guides only conduct tours for special viewings.
Is Wi-Fi available on the temple grounds?
Wi-Fi is not available.
I lost something during my visit. Who should I contact?
Please contact the Ginkaku-ji Temple Office TEL: 075-771-5725
What should I do with an old ofuda talisman? I want to return it, but the trip is too long.
If you mail your ofuda back to Ginkaku-ji Temple, we will burn it as an offering here at the temple. (Please cover the cost of postage yourself.)